How To Avoid/Eliminate Body Water Retention!

September 20, 2007 jasminelee
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Eliminate Water Retention 

Hi Gals!

 Let us take a look at a dreaded aspect of ladies- Water retention!! Water retention happens when excess fluid in your body builds up and gets stored in your tissues. When you feel you have uncomfortably bloated and tight skin, swelling in the arms and legs,  your clothes or accessories start feeling really tight and redness with pain are all signs that your body is gaining water retention! The reasons can be renumerous, and if your body can holding onto too much water, be sure to check with your doctor if you have a severe case of water retention. Fear not ladies, here are some tips to apply to prevent and elimate the dreaded “WR” into your everyday life.

1. Drop Those Salty Food!

Salty foods are a large cause of water retention. You should only be getting AT MOST 3 teaspoons of salt a day. Excessive salt in your diet leads to excessive water retention in your body, so cut down salt to decrease your risk.

2. Avoid Certain Foods that Commonly cause Water Retention

Do you know> Melon is one such food that cause water retention, so only eat a slice and not the whole thing the next time it is on the menu.

3. Up your Daily Calcium and Potassium Intake

The minerals calcium and potassium are both important in helping your body process water. Take a supplement, or eat more foods rich in these minerals to avoid dealing with bloating. Watercress, rosemaryand cabbage contains potassium.

4. Drink Herbal Tea Regularly

Try herbal solutions to water retention. It seem to work for many people… Drink dandelion tea. High in calcium, a system tonic and a gentle laxative, dandelion tea removes the acid in the blood and helps purify the system.

5. Remember Your Vitamins B and C

It is recommended to take vitamins B and C to aid in processing water in the body and making sure circulation is under control. Add these vitamins to your day by taking a supplement, or eating foods rich in them.

6. Power of Garlic!

Garlic has certain great health properties. Eat one clove of garlic a day to detoxify your body. Flushing the toxins out of your body is a good way for the water to be able to be flushed as well. If you prefer garlic supplement pills, you can consider that as well. But do read the labels and get only pure garlic supplementary contents.

7. Exercise- Or try Hydrotherapy SPA (YAN SPA SG2000) 

Exercise helps improve  water and blood circulation and aids your body system in running more smoothly. Hydrotherapy spa is medically proven to eliminate water retention. My company, YAN Spa & Wellness deals with home spa therapy. It is easy and possible to incorporate home spa lifestyle which will eliminate potention problems as “WR”.

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8. Avoid Stress

Stress has a negative effect on the body, and helps the body hold onto toxins and unwanted excess, like water. Take time to relieve your daily stress, and stay healthy so you can know when your body needs more attention. Again, I will do some shameless promotion here regarding what my company does. Heheh. Aromatherapy and home spa is what my company is an expert at. Click here to find out how they can aid you in relieving your stress for youth and vitality!

Well folks, thats all for now… apologies for the late blog entry due to hectic work schedules! See you again soon.

The Solution To Water Retention Elimination


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